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Here is a list of some of the local gliding clubs, along with their web addresses for further information.

Note: Special rules apply for UK pilots intending to fly from French gliding sites. Click here for the latest information.

Aeroclub Sisteron


The Sisteron club is based at the airfield of Vaumeilh-Theze, about 23km from Le Mas du Ch?ne, to the north-east of Sisteron town. Although the site is able to cope  with 100 gliders at peak periods, pilots who are planning a vacation here should consider booking early. 
The site is currently aerotow-only, with several single- and two-seater gliders available for pilot checks, training or air-experience flights. There are several hotspots on the hills around the valley that allow pilots to gain access to the higher Alps; flights to the Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and beyond are not uncommon on a good summer's day.

We have been gliding at Sisteron for over 20 years; for a better flavour of the things we get up to, please visit our Sisteron Diaries website. 

CVV La Motte Du Caire


This is a winch-only site, 34 km from Le Mas du Ch?ne in the foothills near the village of La Motte du Caire. Its visitors are attracted by the low cost of launches and the "club atmosphere", which is closer in spirit to that of UK clubs than the more commercial local clubs. There is a limit of 25 gliders on site so, again, booking is essential.

Having escaped from the local hill, all of the Alps are available, just as they are from all of the soaring clubs in this part of France.   

The CFI, Jacques Noel, runs courses from La Motte; their primary aim is to build confidence in the student when flying close to rocks, so be prepared for intimate exposure to the lower regions of the local mountains.  

CNVV Saint Auban


This is the French National training centre, located 24km to the south-east of Le Mas du Ch?ne. The organisation boasts an impressive list of gliders and tugs, which are used for both basic and advanced mountain soaring and for competition training. All French gliding instructors are trained here. On-site accommodation and restaurant facilities are available. I can highly recommend investing in a course here, having attended one myself in the early 1980s. 

It is possible for pilots to bring their own gliders to the airfield, but I have no personal experience of this: please visit the website for more details.   

Quo Vadis - Serres la Batie


Serres airfield is about 50km from Le Mas du Ch?ne, just to the north of the town of Serres on the N75. The airfield was built by Klaus Ohlmann who is famous for his world-record long distance flights, both here in the French Alps and in the Andes of South America. Klaus also runs courses at Serres throughout the summer, catering for all levels of experience. Pilots may bring their own gliders, either as part of an independent expedition or, if they are really interested in huge flights of eye-watering proportions, as one of Klaus's followers on a guided tour of most of the Alps. Highly recommended.

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