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Le Pegasus Club House

Club News
The latest facility offered by the Sisteron club is a new pilots' clubhouse, situated in the old tug-pilots' building at the north end of the main hangar. Old-timers will remember its still earlier incarnation as the Pegasus Bar, which was run with such panache by former club member Epsi, now rumoured to be a highly-respected commercial airline pilot. The new clubhouse is completely separate from the Janus restaurant in all respects and allows pilots and their families to enjoy some cool shelter without feeling the need to purchase something from the Janus. 

A large number of club members have supplied an enormous effort to get it ready for the season. There are hot and cold drinks available, and breakfasts - the cost is one Euro per drink, into an honesty box (remember them?). Also, there will be a weekly barbecue and weekly aperitifs. We intend to take full advantage of the new clubhouse bar for some in-depth post flight 'analysis'.