21 Jun 03

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This is what 37 Celsius looks like

Competition Grid

Another Cracker

The forecast was for the same high cloudbases of the previous day but without the strong winds. This was also the first day of the Sisteron Regionals for which 30 extra gliders appeared on site. However, with five tugs available, our launches were delayed by only 50 minutes and we had the bonus of a multitude of thermal markers for our benefit. Ariane had a go at the 346km task, Martin and John flew together in the Duo, while everyone else did their own flights.

Martin and John elected to take a high tow to Trainon and drop onto Authon to save time and when they reached Blayeul they were already at 10,000ft. They flew onto la Blanche, Dormillouse, Morgon and then Guillaume where a determined period of rock-scraping got them back up to 13,500ft. Then they flew up the spine of the Ecrins and across towards Plampinet, where conditions were not quite as easy. Totally blue, the thermals weren't easy to find either here or in the Sollieres valley but, as conditions north of the col de Carro looked so good, they decided to carry on towards Aosta, only turning back due to the time (17:40) for the 150km trip home. See here for a map and a logger file.

Glacier Blanc from 13,000ft

In the Grand Paradis

Ariane's task was le Luc-en-Diois (west of Aspres), la Mure near the lac de Castillon, Briancon and home. She turned back at Prachaval due to the late time but made it home following a marginal final glide in time for club-sponsored aperitifs, having completed about 300km of the task.

122 on final glide

Wendy also had a good time, managing to reach the Glacier Blanc on her own in her ASW27 (700). She topped out in a 15,000ft thermal and, as she had managed to scrape away from 4400ft at the start, it looks like a Gold Height may be in the offing. Her logger file is being examined as I write.