26 Jun 03

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The delectable Claudia at Launch Point Control

Get Those Flights In...

There is a definite end-of-holiday feeling amongst the British pilots who all decided to fly on a day that had been forecast to produce storms in the valley by the evening. There was little expectation that we would be able to go very far and, sure enough, by the time we launched, after the competition grid, storms had already brewed up across the Ecrins and to the east of the Barcelonnette valley. Cloudbase was still high at 13,000ft and the lift was a moderate 6 knots, but the strengthening westerly wind caused severe turbulence in some areas. Martin and John avoided much of this by spending an hour trying to get away, including an extended period at 3500ft asl near St Auban.


Martin and John in the Duo watched the storms with keen interest and finally decided to land at around 7:00pm  after noting that it was already dark to the north west of the site. The Duo was derigged and installed in its trailer just before the most impressive electrical storm hit the valley, each lightning flash triggering a chain of others across the sky. It was a spectacle most definitely to be enjoyed from the ground.

Lac d'Allos

Before the storm

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