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P01.JPG (135309 bytes) Tête de la Lauzière, near St Crepin. P02.JPG (139660 bytes) Searching for wave in the Ecrins.
P03.JPG (153766 bytes) Climbing in wave near Pelvoux. P04.JPG (167208 bytes) Transhumance - this transfer of sheep and goats from Sisteron to St Andre les Alpes was estimated to take three weeks.
P05.JPG (129947 bytes) Hervé approaching Mt Viso, in the Queyras. P06.JPG (165472 bytes) In wave over the pic de Bure.
P07.JPG (179503 bytes) Sigoyer village, at the zone du perde altitude for Sisteron 36. P08.JPG (156633 bytes) Lac d'Esparron, near Ste Croix.
P09.JPG (170371 bytes) Peaks near the pas de la Cavale in the western Ecrins. P10.JPG (176293 bytes) Low cloud in the Valgaudemar.
P11.JPG (122453 bytes) A window to the high Ecrins. P12.JPG (114412 bytes) Towards l'Obiou, east of the col de la Croix Haute.
P13.JPG (145512 bytes) Crossing the Vanoise, Mt Blanc in the background. P14.JPG (146972 bytes) Approaching the Morgon ridge from the east.
P15.JPG (153228 bytes) Duo Discus photo-shoot after their competition. P16.JPG (179344 bytes) Time off in Forcalquier.
P17.JPG (157059 bytes) Montagne de Gache on a bad day... P18.JPG (158039 bytes) Pelvoux and the Glacier Noir.
P19.JPG (165026 bytes) Perhaps a safer sport for today's weather...? P20.JPG (176065 bytes) Near the col du Larche, at the head of the Barcelonette valley.
P21.JPG (162557 bytes) Heavy weather en-route to Puismosson. P22.JPG (178765 bytes) Les Trois Evêchés, on the parcours.
P23.JPG (173091 bytes) Furan from the col de Couleau. P24.JPG (155546 bytes) Glacier Blanc from the Barre des Ecrins.
P25.JPG (149531 bytes) Gorge du Verdon. P26.JPG (145655 bytes) Between les Trois Evêchés and la Blanche, on the parcours.

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