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The Future

The club has become aware over the past few years that in order to survive it needs to be more responsive to its customers which are, in the main, visiting private owners. Tugging used to be an issue - in previous years there was very much a 'them-and-us' split between the tuggies (who regarded themselves as the only professional pilots on site) and the glider pilots (who were just a bunch of amateurs). Thankfully this has now changed and the tugging operation this year has been excellent. 
While all glider pilots need a good service from the tugs, it is not the only factor that makes a good club. Hervé and René have been charged with improving the club atmosphere and one deficiency they have highlighted is the lack of a pilots' clubhouse, somewhere that pilots and their families can come to before or after their flights to relax, go to the toilet, make themselves a drink and sit in comfort without being obliged to visit (and therefore make a purchase from) Le Janus, the on-site restaurant. 

It is proposed that a new clubhouse be built on the site of the old Pegasus building, which currently houses the tug pilots. One method of subsidising this will be to ask for contributions from visiting pilots. Plans are sketchy at the moment; the estimated cost will be 20,000 euros and the number of visiting pilots that fly here per annum is currently around 700 - you can do the sums...

If the proposal is accepted, all pilots will be contacted with full details of the new building with a request for contributions. For regular visitors, this will only change the club for the better.