27 Jun 06

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Wave Hunting

Wave over Barcelonnette

Pic de Bure


Little to report today; there were good thermals to start with giving high cloudbases (11,000ft) in the Durance valley and there were hopes of a trip to the northern Alps, but a strong 30-40 knot south-westerly at altitude generated enough wave to distort the thermals lower down, making for a turbulent ride.

At the Grand Berard in the Barcelonnette valley I managed to climb up the side of a smooth-looking cloud to 13,200ft, but that was the best I managed all day. I tried again at the tete de Vautisse, near St Crepin, and then again in the Valgaudemar before giving up. I then met with Ariane, flying with Serge in the Duo Discus TH, over the pic de Bure for a video session (available on-line soon!).

Then on to the Vercors and the Glandasse, which stopped working as soon as some thick cirrus blocked the sun. There was a small crisis over the col de la Croix-Haute while I struggled to find the height to come home, but all was well after retreating to the Obiou ridge where I found a decent climb.

Finally, TH and I explored the mountains local to Sisteron for some wave, again with no success. Another quick video session over Hongrie and then down for beers. A satisfactory, if not outstanding, day.
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