06 Week 3

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Rules and Regulations

In the old days we could jump into any French club glider and go flying, as Ariane is doing here. Alas, as is common knowledge, this is no longer possible - well, at least, not with the same freedoms as before. It is possible to fly French gliders at Sisteron provided the pilot is regarded as "under instruction" - this usually means not straying too far from the airfield. The local instructors have been known to be flexible with a very few of the more experienced Brits about the word "local" - occasionally Briancon, 100km away, is considered local enough - and have allowed them to fly French club gliders.

The only other option at this time is to get a European Glider Pilot's Licence - probably not that difficult in theory although the language may defeat some. Jacques Noel was rumoured at one point to be coming over to the UK to coach pilots to the required standard, but nothing further has developed so far in this direction.