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P01.jpg (661805 bytes) Barre des Ecrins. P02.jpg (834403 bytes) Mont Chaberton.
P03.jpg (989850 bytes) Walkers on Auribeau. P04.jpg (329916 bytes) Downtime for 220.
P05.jpg (305067 bytes) Storm dodging near St Auban. P06.jpg (368303 bytes) Another mission for the ASH25 EB28.
P07.jpg (233945 bytes) Low on Mont Cenis. P08.jpg (505478 bytes) Near the lac Ste Croix.
P09.jpg (658166 bytes) To Jean & Evelyn's for dinner. P10.jpg (715807 bytes) New Hyper-U building site.
P11.jpg (466628 bytes) Mercantour. P12.jpg (454164 bytes) Maurienne.
P13.jpg (802753 bytes) Sisteron Town. P14.jpg (280150 bytes) Apple orchard.
P15.jpg (344901 bytes) "...and another thing...":  Glossop makes his point. P16.jpg (392561 bytes) Jean Cosnard's shed.
P17.jpg (745110 bytes) Authon. P18.jpg (660125 bytes) Valgaudemar.
P19.jpg (274803 bytes) Stormy sky near the Serre Montdenier. P20.jpg (481797 bytes) Club barbecue with Lasham team.
P21.jpg (344338 bytes) Musing with Robin at le Janus. P22.jpg (632630 bytes) Lac d'Allos.
P23.jpg (314709 bytes) Barre des Ecrins. P24.jpg (574319 bytes) Soaring over Morgon.
P25.jpg (434938 bytes) Top chef Rafael (ex-Becs Fins) and Elise come round for dinner. Ariane not at all apprehensive... P26.jpg (779341 bytes) La Toupine (good rates available...).
P27.jpg (480599 bytes) La blanche. P28.jpg (419057 bytes) Parcours.
P29.jpg (576563 bytes) Jean Cosnard: President, aerobatic pilot, aeromodeller, vintage aircraft restorer, top man, and now chef de BBQ. P30.jpg (378990 bytes) Ecrins.
P31.jpg (385903 bytes) Team 220 after a  beer or three. P32.jpg (687808 bytes) At Magnant, traditional waypoint on the return leg from Sisteron.

M01.jpg (28431 bytes) Sisteron 2009 (35.2Mb)  (with special thanks to Robbie)

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