20 Jun 10

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Today's weather forecast mentioned the possibility of snow above 2000m. It's the south of France, and it's June...!

So, there I was, all set to fly my LS6, when Wendy suggested that she and I fly together in the Duo instead. Seemed an excellent idea; 220 was already rigged and no-one else wanted to fly it, so we launched early into a brisk north-westerly and we were soon experiencing lots of knots of Gache ridge lift. No messing about this time - we went direct to the Lure, popped north under a cu and slipped directly into the Jabron wave.   


The not-so-sunny cote d'Azur on the horizon

After topping out, we headed north to Meouge and Chabre, climbing up to 10,000ft with an eye on the pic de Bure, hoping for some high-level action from the normally cooperative wave-generator. We did some searching between Ceuse and the pic de Bure, but after a particularly nasty dose of sink we ran away, back to Malaup and the security of real thermals. And then we started lap two, back at the Gache, onto the Lure and north again, with the now foregone conclusion of lack of high-level success.

Lap 2

The weather was doing some really odd things to the wave. At the Rosans valley we had a torrid time of it at 8000ft, airspeed all over the place, banging and crashing our way through rotor, without the expected calm serenity of smooth wave where it really should have been. But all in all, another reasonable day out which, from earlier forecasts, seemed highly unlikely a day or two ago. And Wendy has now been recalibrated from UK to Alps, so everyone is happy.