23 Jun 10

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Not quite the classic that was predicted at briefing. Cloud cover became fairly extensive over the parcours, and by the time I reached Dormillouse it became clear that a storm was brewing. I managed to reach Morgon which, as well as having a distinctive shape and location, is an excellent choice for those who like walking up hills, as Ariane will testify (as soon as her legs recover).


I regret that I wimped out when I saw the anvil growing over the Cheval Blanc. It looked possible to carry on northwards (and the Booker boys did, by quite some distance) but I didn't fancy the idea of getting cut off by the storms, so I headed back via Oratoire and la Bigue to the south, where conditions were very English. Turning north again at Vinon I had a look at the pic de Bure (where it was raining), the Gap valley (ditto), the parcours (now invisible) and a very dark cell of weather moving north from St Auban.  


Excellent lift was available between the storm cells, but our playground was shrinking by the minute. Sparks from the nearest cells encouraged me to open the airbrakes for a speedy descent. After landing I managed, with the help of Ariane, Wendy and Alan, to derig just before the storm broke. We must have spent about half an hour sheltering in our cars just watching the rain and hail hammer down. And then, beers for everyone...
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