12 Week 1

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Positive Signs

Once again, there have been a few changes since our 2011 visit, generally for the greater good. The car-park has been re-laid and a couple of visitors' hangars have appeared on the airfield, in which space may be reserved for a nightly fee. Following the Omarama example, gliders may be moved freely without disturbing other gliders, and power and water are available inside the hangars.

There have been some personnel changes too: Jean Cosnard has stepped down as club President in order to spend more time with his toys, and Alex has moved on to follow a career in commercial aviation. I found during my March experience that the aerotow service was excellent, with prices comparing well with those of my UK club. The office is as welcoming as ever, thanks to Claude and Nicole, and the on-site restaurant le Janus has been completely refurbished.