Sisteron 12

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Welcome to the Sisteron 2012 Expedition Website

The weather at Sisteron this year up to now has been inconsistent, to say the least. A cracking March saw gliders being dispatched to the further recesses of Switzerland, while much of May turned out to have been a huge, soggy disappointment. Except for Klaus Ohlman, who managed to crowbar in a few 1000km flights on days when others have struggled.

I was lucky enough to kick-start the new season by bagging a few Alpine peaks at the tail-end of March, having trailed my LS6c down south for a few days of R&R. Conditions were good as far as the Maurienne, though many of the real experts were able to carry on much further north. The picture shows what a frozen lac d'Allos looks like from 12,000ft in the the Spring.  

Here's hoping we get a bit of March weather for this visit...