Sisteron 14

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Welcome to the Sisteron 2014 Expedition Website

Well, it was a another busy spring for Aeroclub Sisteron. The excellent weather during late March and early April brought scores of pilots to the region, all looking for some airtime after their winter layoff. I was one of them, having taken our syndicate Duo Discus and the calming reassurance of a second pilot, Martin Whitehead, to provide guidance, encouragement and the occasional sandwich. Fifty-five fabulous flying hours later our recalibration was complete: what a great way to start a new season!

Part Two starts here. My LS6c spent some time in Poland during the winter and returned wearing a brand new set of clothes. As far as I can see, my glider now files more smoothly, and with better handling and performance, than it did last season. Let's see how it performs now, in my favourite Alpine paradise...