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Meet the team...

John Bridge (Cambridge GC)

With 3 diamonds and a UK 750km diploma, he has a total of 4900 hours gliding including about 1500 hours in the French Alps gathered over 22 previous visits to Sisteron. In the UK he flies his LS6c as far as he can from Gransden and occasionally makes it back. He isn't particularly interested in competitions but has been unable to provide a convincing reason for this, although it might just be that he isn't quite as good a pilot as he would like to be.

Ariane Decloux (Cambridge GC)

Finally managed to get her 3 diamonds in 2002 and now has 1900 hours flying with around 800 in the French Alps. Benefited from 2 courses at St. Auban and 2 courses with Jacques Noel at Gap. She flies an LS6c (122). Most of you will have heard her over the last 12 years somewhere in the UK; you are unlikely to miss her French accent! You may be surprised at how far she goes and the sheer enthusiasm she brings to English pilots for French mountain flying. She is much in demand for her talks on her flying both by UK clubs and organisations outside gliding. She is married to John Bridge.

Photo Unavailable Clare Colton (Cambridge GC)

Clare flies an ASW27 (FF) from Gransden Lodge and has joined many expeditions to Spain and France.

Robert Welford (Cambridge GC)

Little is known about Robert except that he instructs at Gransden Lodge and he flies an LS8 (W8) for pleasure. Occasionally seen at competitions.

Andy Walford (Cambridge GC)

Despite having 1000 gliding hours, 3 diamonds, being a full cat instructor and regional examiner, most of Andy's friends don't think that he flies far enough away from his normal club site of Gransden. Andy is making his sixth visit to Sisteron and is reported as "beginning to get the hang of it". He recently exchanged his beloved PIK20 for a brand new ASW27 but still can't believe that gliders can stay up in rain or when there are bugs, so plans a summer of structured under-achievement.

Wendy Head (Cambridge GC)

Wendy has 800 hours and a Gold Distance/Diamond Goal. She instructs at the CGC and flies an ASW27 that she shares with Andy Walford. She also has interests in most of the private fleet at Gransden.

David Sutton (Sackville Lodge)

Silver C, 800 hours gliding, flies a PIK20E 'November Papa'. Like Terry
(q.v.) never bothered with Gold C paperwork but that doesn't stop him from flying long distances. Three years ago he spent a week flying in the mountains with Jacques Noel, learning how to do it better and more safely, which he describes as " invaluable experience which I highly recommend". He is looking forward to this his seventh visit to Sisteron, the challenging and very rewarding flying to be had in the spectacular surroundings of the Southern Alps, as well as the good company, both in the air and on the ground."

Andrew Johnston (Cambridge GC)

With 2000 hours gliding and 500 hours power Andrew Johnston is just coming to terms with being an insouciant pilot. He has a Gold C and 2 diamonds, the 500km flight proving to be elusive. Currently flying with the Cambridge club at Gransden he owns a DG200 and has shares in a Janus, based at HusBos, and an Oly2b, based at Thurleigh. He also owns a share in an Auster. The goal for Sisteron this year is to explore further north than the Barre des Ecrin and ideally into the Modane valley. Other calls on his time include house DIY, fighting a losing battle in the garden and model engineering.

Photo Unavailable Terry McGee (London GC)

Silver C and 1500 hrs gliding, too lazy to do paperwork for Gold but did accidentally achieve Diamond height some years ago! Did Comp flying in the 60's but not really interested these days. Recently retired and treated myself to an ASW27B - T99. Really enjoy flying in the Alps out of Sisteron, a great place for flying with the added bonus of excellent local restaurants and places to stay but most of all a chance to meet up with our many very good friends on a regular basis.

Maggie McGee (London GC)

Went Solo at LGC and Sisteron approx 5 years ago, did several solo flights at both sites. Now enjoy flying 2 seaters and polishing T99!! (Terry's wife!). Have enjoyed running Control at Dunstable Regionals with Mary Craig for the last 5 years. 2003 will be my 6th annual visit to Sisteron, I enjoy the company of good friends, the beautiful Alpine scenery and of course the excellent restaurants. 

Martin Aldridge (Norfolk GC)

Martin will be joining the party with an as-yet unspecified glider. He has visited Sisteron before and, while he has flown 2-seaters in the past, this year will be his first attempt on his own.