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SisteronAF2.jpg (42852 bytes) On the grid at Sisteron, ready to launch on runway 36. Alps13.jpg (46578 bytes) Pic de Bure (9000ft) looking south, from about 15,000ft of north-westerly wave.
122-04.jpg (48015 bytes) Ariane flying her LS6 in wave  over l'Oratoire, near la Motte du Caire. Alps01.jpg (41084 bytes) A pilot's eye view of the Ecrins. Cloudbase here about 12,000ft.
Alps06.jpg (33780 bytes) Into the Glacier Blanc, below the Barré des Ecrins, near Briançon. P01.jpg (86900 bytes) Sisteron Town.
P02.jpg (83551 bytes) Coming home: evening view to the west of Charbre. P03.jpg (95201 bytes) Near Mont Pelvoux, from about 11,000ft.
P04.jpg (93765 bytes) To the north of the Glacier Blanc. P05.jpg (83834 bytes) The Modane valley.
P06.jpg (83153 bytes) Les Crots, an approved outlanding field at the lac de Serre-Ponçon, centre of picture. P07.jpg (84206 bytes) Snow-capped peaks on the Valgaudemar.
P08.jpg (61047 bytes) A Janus, ready to go... P09.jpg (87178 bytes) Over the Queyras mountains, north-east of St Crepin.
P10.jpg (63025 bytes) Soaring near Bardonecchia. P11.jpg (87306 bytes) In the Valgaudemar.
P12.jpg (74498 bytes) Obiou, north of the pic de Bure. P13.jpg (83784 bytes) The Barre des Ecrins and the Glacier Blanc.
P14.jpg (84986 bytes) The Patrouille de France downsizes. P15.jpg (96913 bytes) Near the lac d'Allos.
P16.jpg (89452 bytes) Mont Pelat. P17.jpg (93250 bytes) To the north of the Glacier Blanc, in late afternoon sun.
P18.jpg (86034 bytes) Mont Blanc. P19.jpg (71271 bytes) Lac Ste Croix
P20.jpg (94483 bytes) Les Mees, strange rock formations near St Auban. P21.jpg (84690 bytes) The St Crepin Valley with its airfield centre of picture.
P22.jpg (95709 bytes) Pic de Bure from the north. P23.jpg (85052 bytes) Riez, a typical provençale town, from the air.
P24.jpg (86026 bytes) Fayence, in the south-east corner of Provence. P25.jpg (87810 bytes) The Gorge du Verdon as it enters the lac Ste Croix.
P26.jpg (78291 bytes) Lakes at le Taillefer, near le Bourg d'Oisans P27.jpg (88865 bytes) In the Valgaudemar.
P28.jpg (90308 bytes) In the Valgaudemar. P29.jpg (84503 bytes) Near the Grande Tête de l'Obiou.
P30.jpg (84925 bytes) Montagne de Glandasse, in the Vercors. P31.jpg (86797 bytes) Montagne de Chabre, near Laragnes.
P32.jpg (97978 bytes) Tête de Lucy (or d'Eslucis on the walking maps) at the lac de Serre-Ponçon. P33.jpg (80822 bytes) Looking north from the col de Carro (Matterhorn right of centre).
P34.jpg (81062 bytes) The Matterhorn. P35.jpg (90898 bytes) Mont Blanc massif.
P36.jpg (77458 bytes) Dent Blanche, near the Matterhorn. P37.jpg (87355 bytes) Turning onto final for Sisteron runway 18.
P38.jpg (45992 bytes) A storm's a-brewing... P39.jpg (73594 bytes) ..till next year...