Sisteron 03

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Welcome... the Sisteron 2003 Expedition website. Glider pilots from the Cambridge, London, Sackville and Norfolk gliding clubs are coming together at Sisteron, in the South of France, for their annual visit to the French Alps (see cast list). We are bringing a selection of gliders including two LS6Cs, a Duo Discus, three ASW27s, an LS8, a DG200 and a Pik 20E. 

Parked up at Sisteron

When it is flyable we plan to build a diary of tasks, photographs, how-I-dunnits (and perhaps logger files too) of the flights we have made. On non-flying days we will let you know what other activities we get up to, even if they just involve visits to the bar.

We hope to be able to update this site daily during our stay - if we don't, it is probably because we are getting too much flying! If you are interested in what you see here and want to learn more, please email John Bridge.