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P01.JPG (96292 bytes) Climbing over Oratoire. P02.JPG (147638 bytes) Approaching la Blanche.
P03.jpg (340555 bytes) Paraglider competition at Chabre. P04.JPG (207492 bytes) Paraglider traffic over Chabre.
P05.jpg (329018 bytes) Poppies. P06.jpg (151161 bytes) Impressionistic illuminated aeroplane.
P07.JPG (274031 bytes) Ready for launch on RW36. P08.JPG (138546 bytes) Duo 440 under a stormy sky.
P09.JPG (242038 bytes) Towing towards Hongrie. P10.JPG (227172 bytes) In the Barcelonette valley.
P11.JPG (121672 bytes) Storm over Guillaume. P12.jpg (210315 bytes) Cheval Blanc from the north east.
P13.JPG (248242 bytes) Blayeul and the parcours from Auribeau. P14.JPG (306161 bytes) Rounding the corner at Dormillouse.
P15.JPG (228479 bytes) Les lacs de Dormillouse, P16.JPG (349301 bytes) Les Trois Eveches.
P17.JPG (549949 bytes) Pic de Rochelaire, above the col de Couleau. P18.JPG (119350 bytes) Clouds over the Ecrins.
P19.JPG (296058 bytes) Mont Chaberton, near the col de Montgenevre. P20.JPG (310636 bytes) Approaching the Glacier Blanc.
P21.JPG (189588 bytes) Near the Barre des Ecrins. P22.JPG (374342 bytes) Pelvoux.
P23.JPG (413189 bytes) Liam and Noel's "new direction" at Forcalquier. P24.JPG (452316 bytes) Another successful mission.
P25.JPG (380626 bytes) Mont Blanc - maybe next year, then... P26.JPG (332479 bytes) In the Maurienne.
P27.JPG (404558 bytes) Glandasse, in the Vercors. P28.JPG (454763 bytes) Evening ridge-soaring on Auribeau.
P29.JPG (302982 bytes) Jean-Pierre fails to stay airborne. P30.JPG (476210 bytes) My first daily view of Authon.
P35.JPG (433869 bytes) Fort on Dormillouse. P36.JPG (155755 bytes) Afternoon storm clouds.
P31.JPG (297490 bytes) Towards the col de Carro... P32.JPG (232260 bytes) ...and again...
P33.JPG (286574 bytes) ...and again. P34.JPG (286989 bytes) What is there not to enjoy here?

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