08 Week 3

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Low Cloud over la Blanche

La Blanche

The collection of ridges that runs between les Trois Evèches and Dormillouse is known as the montagne de la Blanche. South-west facing, it offers splendid thermodynamic lift during the afternoon whenever the sun shines. It is a reliable nursery slope (except when raining, or when the down of the wave kicks in) with the added bonus of a landable airfield at Seyne-les-Alpes just below in the valley, at an altitude of 3900ft .

The ridge top lies at about 8000ft asl at the northern end, descends to 7000ft and then rises again to over 9000ft to the south. Its popularity has made it something of an aerial highway so, needless to say, care must be taken to look out at all times for approaching traffic.

La Blanche is part of the massive parcours des combatants that runs from Mont Guilluame in the north all the way south to the lac de Ste Croix, a distance of well over 80km which, on a good day, can be run entirely without circling, giving the pilot an exhilarating trip alongside dramatic folded rock faces, over barren mountain tops to the wide open valleys in the south. Unforgettable!