08 Week 2

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La Chapelle du Mont Guillaume

Not Flying Today?

Should you find that your syndicate partner has selfishly taken your glider for a day's flying, despair not. If you have managed to spoof him into flying on a hot but stable day, there are other interesting  ways of enjoying the region. One of the best of many fabulous walks follows the path up to the little chapel on Mont Guillaume, on the north side of the lac de Serre-Ponšon. The more perceptive pilots will already have spotted this from the air.

Drive to Embrun, take the small road that leads out of the village to the northwest up to a parking area at the Clot Jarry. Once there, put your boots on, take lots of water, and start walking. It is very nearly a silver-height climb to the chapel, and once at the top you can enjoy your picnic and vin rouge, taking in the glorious views that are spread before you.

And if you're really lucky, you will be able to take photographs of your mate struggling up the face in your glider. If he's really lucky, he might make it to the top himself...